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with Advanced Solutions

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Technology and Market Expertise

At DDXpro, we’re not just offering services; we’re providing powerful platforms that redefine the trading landscape. Our platforms, including the custom platform of RS Markets and Cetroid, are designed to deliver an exceptional trading experience across various financial instruments.

Multi-Asset Pricing Engine

Experience the competitive edge with DDxpro’s unique multi-asset pricing engine. It’s designed to manufacture rates using a rate formation engine, putting you ahead of the competition. We take the time to understand your requirements and how credit allowances, trading conditions, market data, and depth impact you and your clients. We actively monitor the quality of your account's liquidity.

Multi-Exchange Operations

Streamlining access to multiple exchanges can be a complex and costly process, with each platform having its own API requirements. At DDXpro, we simplify this by offering unified access to a diverse range of exchanges through a single account, saving you time and resources.


We specialize in delivering liquidity to the most active marketplaces, ensuring seamless execution for our clients. Our unique Multi-Asset Pricing engine allows us to introduce new liquidity into the market and offer competitive pricing alongside top-tier liquidity providers.

Balancing compliance,
security, and
user experience

Successfully developing a brokerage platform entails skillfully managing the intricacies of compliance, security, and liquidity while ensuring a user-friendly and dependable experience for clients. Brokerage platforms that excel in navigating these challenges while delivering valuable services to their users tend to thrive in the market. This is where our expertise comes into play to assist you.