Our Mission

Empowering Brokers: Our mission is to empower retail brokers with unparalleled liquidity and feed services across a multitude of financial instruments. Specializing in futures and spot prices, we enable swift and equitable trade executions for our clients. Our comprehensive solutions span both spot and futures markets, offering a robust platform for trading a wide array of assets. Committed to spearheading innovation in the trading industry, we assist our clients in navigating the dynamic and multifaceted world of finance.

Our story

In a dynamic landscape where financial markets intersect, DDXpro emerged with a clear purpose: to revolutionize liquidity solutions for brokerage firms. Our story transcends any single asset class, as we strive to empower brokers and traders across diverse markets.

Recognizing the challenges faced by retail brokerage firms, we embarked on a mission to provide comprehensive solutions that transcend boundaries.

At DDXpro, innovation is our compass. Our cutting-edge software generates real-time prices, granting clients a competitive edge. We facilitate seamless access to global exchanges, ensuring optimal execution.

Our user-friendly liquidity technologies empower brokers to configure software effortlessly. We believe in simplicity, reliability, and unique trading opportunities. As we continue our journey, we remain dedicated to excellence, navigating the ever-evolving world of finance.

Join us in shaping the future—one where liquidity knows no bounds, and opportunities abound for all.


Industry Pioneers: Our leadership team brings years of financial expertise and a visionary approach to the industry.

Commitment to Excellence: We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions that address the unique challenges of our industry.