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Experience seamless access to a diverse portfolio of widely traded assets through our robust and dependable trading platforms. Our commitment to superior service quality is unwavering, and our extensive global reach across various time zones ensures prompt and efficient resolution of your needs, guaranteeing optimal performance for your clients.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Fueled by Market Proficiency

With DDxpro’s distinctive Multi-Asset Pricing engine, you gain a competitive edge through our capacity to generate rates using a sophisticated rate formation engine. We prioritize understanding your needs, considering factors like credit allowances, trading conditions, market data, and depth that affect you and your clients. We are committed to actively overseeing the quality of the liquidity you access.

Real-time data

We aggregate data from various financial exchanges to compute an average rate, eliminating the need for our clients to process and aggregate complex data. This ensures optimal access and seamless execution across multiple asset classes.

Access critical data for research, trading, risk, analytics, reporting, and compliance

We supply order books with maximum frequency. Clients can get order books as frequently as the exchange allows using FIX API.

Eliminate liquidity problem

Managing operations across multiple exchanges can often be burdensome and expensive, given the distinct API demands of each platform. DDXpro simplifies this process by offering unified access to various exchanges via a single account, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Access unified to crypto market

Designed to exceed large institutions’ performance, reliability, and security requirements.

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